Sichel’s 12 Hour Track Challenge

Orkney-based ultra marathon runner, William Sichel (57), heads to Crawley in Sussex this weekend to run in the Crawley 12 Hour Track Race on Saturday April 2nd.


This is William’s final race before he tackles Scotland’s oldest athletic record, 567 miles in 6 Days set in 1882, at a race in Hungary in early May.


“The Crawley race will be my shortest race for over 7 years but should nevertheless be a demanding, long run prior to the major test in Hungary. There is a good entry so there should be plenty of runners for me to chase.”


The objective in Crawley is simply to run as far as you can in the 12 hour period.  You can run, walk, stop and start whenever you want, but obviously, if you are trying for a maximum distance, then you treat it as a non-stop event.


William is currently engaged in Project 60@60 in which he is attempting to have set 60 ultra distance records, at World, British and Scottish level, including age-groups, before his 60th birthday on October 1st 2013.  Currently William has set 45 records, including 5 World Age-Group records.


Some race updates will appear on William’s popular blog:


William is grateful to current sponsors Loganair.

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